last update 01 OCTOBER 2014


What we do

We, the Dirty Immigrant Crew, do different activities and political work.

First, we have our shows and parties; you can check them in our menu “our activities”. Our shows are there under specific thematic, such as presenting bands from “third world” countries, supporting solidarity stuff and bringing together people by the means of fun, during in those times we distribute our friendly propaganda.

Second we support collectives and initiatives in Europe and in countries outside Europe. For example, for the moment we want to support the collective KIRIUS19 in Bogota, Colombia and the Tattoo Circus, which is going to take place in Berlin at the end of the summer.

Third, we support immigrants from everywhere in the difficulties they have with racist authorities. Some of us are here many years and we know some tips to make your life easier here. If this is your case, contact us, we will deal with it in total privacy and confidentiality.

Fourth, we want to make a forum, an area of discussion of sensitive topics of migration, sexism, racism, discrimination, and the interaction of sub-culture or scene from “industrial countries” and from “third world countries”. We noticed, we are agree in more than 80% of the things, however there have been some frictions caused by different ways of seeing some things and in the way of proceeding and react towards some specific situations. We believe than discussing about it, we can learn more from each other. We are working on this. More information will be soon available

Fifth, we have an informative table that we show in our events and in the events we do with other collectives. We are still working on it!

So as you see, we want to do a lot and we have fun doing it. If you are interested in any of the stuff and want to participate, don’t hesitate in contact us

This website is under construction. Soon more information will be available in German, Spanish, Portugueese and Indonesian, you ca also translate and add your language!


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