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  • Concerts: we make concerts with the AGH crew of the Köpi;

– Next concert:

  • December 4 2013. Punk H.C/ Punk Konzert: Köpi – Koma F, köpenickerstraße 137 Berlin – Mitte 
    20Uhr Volxküche in AGH Bar
    21Uhr Konzert in KomaF:
    – GERK (Argentinien H.C crust Punk)
    – Nervous Nerds (NerdCore Berlin)
    – Los Mierda (Punk Basurilla)


  • October 26 2013. SoLi PaRty for coLlektiVes in tHe tRopics: Next 26 of October, we are making a Soli-party/concert… We  have 3 bands (GAU, ZERUM & PIG CONTROL). Also it will be a performance call el “Baile del Esqueleto” (the skeleton dance): Four meters tall marionette dance;  Inspired in the presence of death during carnivals in Latino America.(still to be confirmed…)
    There will be Indonesian food, Dirty Immigrant soli-Info-stand, live screen printing table ( Bring your t-shirt), soli-drinks such as pfeffis and our super spicy mexikaner! and Dj’s (metal dance hits such as black sabath n motörhead, punk, postpunk, latino music, slasa, cumbia, corridos…. ) Dance or Die!!
    The money go to support different autonomous projects in third world countries, like it is; Indonesia & Colombia. Follow the Link: !!Projects we support!!
    OCTOBER 26 2013 BERLIN, KÖPI köpenickerstrasse 137
    DIGoWild IIweb
  • Dirty Immigrant Volksküche (people’s kitchen), delicious food from tropical countries. (during 2012)

When: every last Tuesday every month, 8p.m.
Where: In the bar of the Köpi (Koepenickerstr 137, Berlin Mitte-Xberg)

Description: We cook delicious food from south America, Africa and Asia, so then our European and other friends can taste our great food. We make the bar and put music made by underground subculture scene of the countries where the food comes from: punk, hc, crust, rap, hiphop, metal. You are welcome to ask which band are we playing. We are in contact with existing bands from these regions, and most of them would be very happy if you get their music and let your friends know they are existing.

  • Film Evening (during 2012)
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month in Neuköln, political and cultural short films evening!!!

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