last update 01 OCTOBER 2014

Activities in the past

17 August 2013: INFESTO (H.C punk / Medellin Colombia) & “Jenkem Warriors” (Oslo Punks / Norway). 21h: Volksküchen (people’s kitchen) “tropical food”, Dirty Immigrant Infos-stand & live screen printing (bring your t-shirt), 22h: Concert starts.After; Salsa, Hip-hop, Rock ‘N’ Roll, international Punk party at the AGH bar. Great concert and hc after-party!! Hope have them again next year…


20 July 2013: POLIKARPA Y SUS VICIOSAS (Bogota Colombia Anarcho-punk). Third time in Europe… They carried out a tour, where they played in different festivals and squats houses.  Played in Berlin with “WAKE (Canada grindcore) and “STROM {O}” (Italo-HC).


22 June 2013: SKAMPIDA; Ska band from Bogota Colombia performed with LOS MIERDA (dirty immigrant-dirty punk). Good concert and very nice people…


15 June 2013: KRUJIDO H.C punk band from Medellin Colombia… They never played in Europe because sadly  they visa was denied. After they have a complete tour organized and planned. Hope next year they have better luck!! The concert in Berlin-Köpi was conducted with the other bands, “SUBMECHINE” (90’s pittsburg punk) and “Injured List” (Karl Marx Stadt H.C). !!Great bands!!
Krujido/Medellin8 June 2013: First time in Berlin “Crack Family”, rap/hip-hop band from Bogota Colombia. They perform with Alice Dee and Grow Digga Hip-hop singers from Berlin-Kreuzberg. The concert was in Köpi/AGH.

CrackFamilyberlinPRUEBA18 May 2013: Dirty Immigrant  and the Soupe Torale Animale collectives Support the  Carnival of Subcultur  in Berlin Köpi. With Dj’s, Info-stand and live screen printing.


20 October 2012:  !!DIRTY IMMIGRANTS GO WILD!! THE LAST PIÑATA PARTY!! All profit goes to autonomous D.I.Y. collectives in Colombia, mainly in Bogotá, for different actions and projects.

Dirty Immigrant Abend (Every last Tuesday of the month – 2012)

KÖPI (AGH kneipe) köpenickerstr. 137 Berlin-mitte
Lekere Afro-latino vöku

21 July 2012: INFESTO, Classical H.C Punk band from Medellin Colombia (1st time in Europ). Köpi AGH 10pm, with Reflections (HC/Senf tenberg) and Piss (Scandinavian HC style/Berlin)

9 June 2012: 2012: No Rest, Awesome Brazilian band,
Where: Köpi AGH, 10p.m, with Tamut Aman (speed Hc from Israel)

16 June 2012: Polikarpa y sus Viciosas (legendary punk girls from Colombia)
Where: Köpi AGH 10p.m., with Yacopsae (Grind Hamburg), and Dezemplead@x (imigrant punk, Berlin)

16 of May 2012 Neuköln, short films evening!!! (Every 3rd Wednesday of the month)

28 April 2012: Dj’s after concert party, punk, post punk, new wave, latin sounds, after the concert of Fertil Miseria and Eleanor Lance.
Where: Onkel Otto, Hamburg

27 April 2012: Fertil Miseria, Punk from Colombia, band that tematizes problems in south America and Colombia such as internal refugees (desplazados), children sexual abuse and war.
Where: köpi, AGH,, with Drip of Lies (Metal Crust from Poland) and My Dog’s a Cat (Punk from Belarus).

19 April – 15 June 2012 Fertil Miseria Tour in Europe


 Confirmed gigs

Apr. 20th fri Ge Leipzig
Apr. 21st sat Pl Ruda Slaska tba
Apr. 22nd sun Pl Opole Fabryczny
Apr. 23rd mon Pl
Apr. 24th tue Pl Warszawa Elba
Apr. 25th wed Pl Lodz Hospital Unit
Apr. 26th thu Pl Torun Pilon
Apr. 27th fri Ge Berlin Köpi
Apr. 28th sat Ge Hamburg Onkel Otto
Apr. 30th mon Ge
May 1st tue Ge
May 2nd wed Ge
May 3rd thu Ge
May 4th fri Ge Bremen Querlenker
May 5th sat Ne Amsterdam ADM
May 6th sun Ne Den Haag Pirata
May 7th mon Ne Leiden Sub 071
May 8th tue
May 9th wed
May 10th thu Be
May 11th fri Ge
May 12th sat Lux Differdingen Roude Leif
May 13th sun Ge Freiburg KTS
May 14th mon Sw
May 15th tue Sw Lausanne Maison De Desert
May 16th wed Au Vorarlberg tbc
May 17th thu Sw
May 18th fri Sw Biel tbc
May 19th sat Fr St. Etienne Gueule Noir
May 20th sun Fr Paris La Miroiterie
May 21st mon Fr Paris
May 22nd tue Fr Lille
May 23rd wed Be
May 24th thu Fr Nancy Soap Box
May 25th fri Fr Dijon Les Tanneries
May 26th sat Fr Bordeaux Athénée Libertaire (tbc)
May 27th sun Es Zarautz Putzuzulo Gaztetxea
May 28th mon Es
May 29th tue Es
May 30th wed Es
May 31st thu Es Zaragossa Arrebato
June 1st fri És Madrid
June 2nd sat Es
June 3rd sun Es
June 4th mon Es
June 5th tue Es
June 6th wed Es

29 October 2011 Halloween Party

August 2011 Soliparty for Polikarpa y sus Viciosas

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