last update 01 OCTOBER 2014

Projects we support

We want to support projects that are dealing with issues according to our political field of action.

Soli/party “26 Oct” money goes to:


Projects and collectives:

Ponti Info-Shop (they are an anarchist and autonomous collective which do lot of social and cool activities in Jakarta-Indonesia. They used to squat a part of the train station, but they were evicted at the beginning of this year, 2013. There they used to organize some DIY gigs, a free school for street kids, screen-printing, a free library and Food NOT Bombs. Right now they resist in a smaller place than before. Money goes to support them to rebuilt their place and continue with their struggle) 

Pyrata House: (is a DIY house in Bandung-Indonesia. Comrades who live there are very active in organizing gigs, making screen printing, Food NOT Bombs and hosting punks from many places around the world. They need to pay and important amount of money because of shit rental issues)

REBEL RIOT PUNKS MYANMAR (punk band and collective in Rangoon Myanmar where the repression against punks and activists is really hard. They try to organize concerts, resist and survive.)


Infesto (cost of touring. The members of the band came from Colombia and got short of money because of traveling costs)

Krujido (Anarko-Punk-HC Band from Medellin-Colombia. They were supposed to come to Europe in June 2013, but their visa was denied and they want to try to come next year. So we want to collect some money for them to help them cover the costs of the denied visa and support them at their coming tour)

For the moment we are supporting these projects

Kirius 19: A colective located in the working class district of Ciudad Bolivar in Bogota Colombia. The project aims to support initiatives and other projects of D:I:Y cultural productions such as hip-hop, punk, metal, street art and to thematise violence and looks ways out of it click hier for more information in German

Transpasa los Muros, is an anti-prison initiative in Colombia which aims to fight for the freedom of political prisoners

Murales de Libertad Take a look to the pictures! they tell more than 1000 words! This is a mural art project, it takes place in the prisons of Quito, the capital of Ecuador since 2008. This project aim to carry out a work of art and rehabilitation in the prison. Welcome the images below and experiences!

Tattoo-Circus Berlin is an event that will take place in Berlin the 7,8 and 9 September 2012. Tattoo-Circus is a DIY-organized festival against repression and imprisonment and for the support of prisoners. Even though this year marks the first Tattoo Circus event in Berlin, the idea isn‘t new! After the first Tattoo Circus took place 2007 in Rome, activists from Barcelona, London, Thessaloniki and Zaragoza (just to mention a few cities) took on the concept…

Ponti Scream & Destroy is a D.I.Y. squat project in Jakarta, Indonesia with different activities such as concerts, silk-printing, Food not Bombs, a music label and a free school for street children, and at the same time a home for about 10 punks, infos here

Rebel Riot Punks Myanmar, some of our friends were there and they met the members of REBEL RIOT, a punk band in Yangon Myanmar, the resist the state linked repression of a government that consider punks as a threat for the states doctrine and (un)”moral” values, punks there risk prison just because of expressing themselves and criticizing the government… infos here

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