last update 01 OCTOBER 2014

Ponti Scream and Destroy, Jakarta – Indonesia


Ponti Scream / Destroy is a squat in east Jakarta that have been existing since some years.

Formerly they squatted a part of the train station “Pondok Jati” in east Jakarta as well, where they carried out different activities such as concerts, screen printing, Food Not Bombs, a music label and a free school for homeless children, at the same time this place was home for about 10 punks.

But in early 2013 they were evicted and they had to look for a new place. Currently they found a kiosk in a nearby street about a bit less than 1 km from the train station. In the kiosk they continue to carry out some of their previous activities, but of course only those that they can keep doing in a much smaller space, the concerts, the food cooking and the free school are not possible to make there anymore. The place consists in a small kiosk with a roof that goes a bit beyond of the walls in the front where people gather tightly beside a busy street where there are no pavements. The new Ponti, apart being the home for about 5 people, keeps a stand of music records and cd’s, punk jewellery, self made t shirts, a D.I.Y silk-print place which consist only in frames that the punks there use wisely and skilfully. Moreover, Ponti Scream and Destroy stills an important welcome point for punks coming from abroad to visit Indonesia. They people there host them very friendly, offering them food and local drinks, and provide them a place to leave their luggage during the time they arrange some accommodation. A part from the punks some people of the local community are friends of Ponti, they come to greet and they sit and have a sweet coffee or tea in the small gathering space. But the guys active in the project told us that many people in the surrounding area do not like them as well, they think they are crazy and chaotic people who have lost their reason. This makes one of the difficulties of being there. Other is that there is no toilet. The people of the Ponti have to look in the area for toilets, one of them is in the train station about 600m from there, but the security personal of the station is not always happy to see them going there. Many of their current problems are related to the lack of space.

The Ponti as a D.I.Y. initiative had always aimed to find places where punks can gather and play music. They did this very goodly in the squat of the train stations despite there wasn’t easy either. Bands such as Dead System/Corner End/Terserah/Assault/Kraust/Ari Anggara/Smokey Bandits were born there and had in Ponti their stepping stone. But now with the reduced space they have a lot harder to carry out this task. Now they have to rent places to make gigs, and they have to pay also for the back-line. This increase the costs enormously, considering particularly that they do their gigs for free. To finance themselves they do silk-priting and they sale D.I.Y. merchandise, but this is often not enough to cover all their expenses, so their activity of making D.I.Y. gigs is under threat.

With this text, apart its principal aim which is to inform about the existence of the Ponti Scream and Destroy, is to create an initiative to support them to continue with this activity and we may like to support them to buy a back-line. If you are punk and believe in do it yourself, you should know what is this about and you will be happy to support them!

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