last update 01 OCTOBER 2014



spanish below , is the singer’s youtube channel, the band name is REBEL RIOT and the lead singer is Kyaw Kyaw (pronounce “chaw chaw”). They are very interested in getting in touch with people all over the planet. He says that currently there are only 5 bands in Yangon, they resist militar and political opression, they are considered revolutionary, partly because it is forbidden for them to play, when they organize concerts they don’t make any advertissement, until only one hour before the gig, they start to tell the punks about it and they play at some bars who sympatize with them for no more than 2 hours…

Kyaw Kyaw has a fanzine, he’s translating it from burmese to english and they want to move it around, so than people will know more about the scene in Yangon and the situation with repression, hunger and poverty of the civilians. “we’re poor, hungy, and do not have opportunity” sings Kyaw Kyaw.

“human rights do not apply to us. we are victims, victims, victims”.

The concerts are clandestine and few people see them, there’s always the risk that there will be government informants. “This is the risk of being true punks.”

a link where you can listen their music


LOS PUNKS REBEL RIOT DE YANGON, EN MYANMAR este es el canal youtube del cantante. se llama Kyaw Kyaw (se pronuncia chaw chaw). Ellxs estan muy interesadxs en contactar gente y bandas para difundir la musica y la actividad de REBEL RIOT. Ellxs nos dicen que solo existen 5 bandas en Yangon en este momento resistiendo la represion militar y policial, son considerados revolucionarixs y les prohiben tocar, cuando hacen un concierto no hacen publicidad si no solo 2 horas antes de ke este ocurra y no tocan mas de 2 horas.

Kyaw Kyaw hace un fanzine y en este momento lo esta traduciendo del birmano al ingles y desea difundirlo para que se conozcan los punks de Yangon y la situacion del pais de represion,hambre y miseria de la poblacion civil, de la cual los punks hacen parte.

“Somos pobres, hambrientos y no tenemos oportunidades”, canta Kyaw Kyaw. “Los derechos humanos no se aplican para nosotros. Somos víctimas, víctimas, víctimas”. Los conciertos son clandestinos y siempre corren el riesgo de que haya informantes del gobierno. Los riesgos de ser un verdadero punk.

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